It’s Time

It’s time. Yes, it’s just that simple. I’ve been putting off blogging for several years now and I have no more excuses. I’ve been asked to blog, share my experiences, several times. I’ve even started and stopped several times. So what’s different now? Why do I feel a responsibility to start blogging?

 I believe, and in fact often preach, that teachers must model the behavior they wish to see in their students. Our focus, as a school, this year is on writing. I am the Coordinator of Technology for PK-5th grade students. I was thrilled with this new focus on writing. I thought let’s get the kids blogging.  They’ll love it, they’ll connect with people outside of school, and they’ll have a voice!

 Enter the sound of squealing breaks and the voice inside my head: “Really? They’ll love blogging? You don’t blog, how can you ask the kids to blog?” 

 Why am I so afraid? What’s the big deal? It’s not my voice; it’s my writing. I consider myself a decent communicator, but I have never considered myself a writer. Does one need to be a writer to blog? If you say you’re a blogger rather than a writer, do you get a pass on grammar? Does writing style really matter?  What I do know is that I need to start putting thoughts into words and sharing with others.

 I’m doing this for my students; I am modeling writing (blogging, to be clear). I’ll live with that inspiration and hope that somewhere along the way, I’ll entertain or share some valuable information. Even better, I may just inspire a student. Yes, I will put aside my anxieties, write and hope they do the same. It’s time. It’s just that simple.

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